Thanks to the double passage of material, the AIRLESS BI-MIX GUN EXT is perfect for the use of external mixing bi-component products.
The opening and closing of both products are controlled by a single trigger, consequently both products are sprayed at the same time and mixed externally.
BI-MIX EXT is a unique external mixing bi-component airless gun which allows you to work quickly and with a perfect finish up to 500 bar. Thanks to the high pressure articulated joints, it is possible to adjust the two fans’ crossover position without any tools.

  • Max pressure: 500 bar
  • Ideal for two components coatings (ratio 1:1)
  • Ideal for polyurethane coatings
  • Adjustable fan cross
  • Adjustable spray fans’ crossover position due to articuleted joints
  • S.S. junction: 1/4” or M16x1,5 mm

MAX pressure: 500 bar
MAX scope: ball diameter: 5 mm
Weight: 980 g