WKCI box feeder coating system c/w electropneumatic rack generator, gun, hoses, vibrating table and trolley.

Working Principle

The W.I.T. complete units are essentially composed of:
– Electropneumatic rack generator: houses both the electric and pneumatic power and control circuits.
– Powder container or vibrating table.
– Venturi pump for the suction and delivery of the powders to the spray gun.
– The W.I.T. spray gun consists of a block of vacuum epoxy resin casting, that guarantees maximum levels of electric isolation and mechanical resistance.
– Trolley for trasporting the entire system.

The spray gun and generator are connected by a low voltage cable in order to ensure the user’s safety.
Voltage transformation occurs via multiplier built into the spray gun, and aimed at guaranteeing a voltage of up to 100 KV to the electrodes.

The object to be painted, clean and possibly pre-treated, is electrically grounded.
The powder is electrostatically charged by the electrodes placed at the spray gun’s outlet and is attracted by the object: a surface completely covered in a uniform manner and with significant thickness is obtained.

The object is then placed in a baking oven where the powder melts forming an extremely resistant film.

It is possible to use, as an alternative to the supplied gun, the triboelectric gun fed by a powder/air mixture through the powder passage tube and additionally by compressed air through an additional tube: the powder is charged inside the gun by rubbing, and the intensity of the additional air allows the triboelectric effect to be adjusted. The electropneumatic generator makes it possible to verify the intensity of electrostatic charge.

Power: Consumption: 30w
Voltage: AC220/110V – 50/60Hz
Amperage: Max output current: 180 microA
MAX flow rate: 650 g/m