Electro-hydraulic pump with 2 independent pumps, for the simultaneous application of products with different characteristics such as viscosity or colour.

Able therefore, in the field of industrial painting, to independently feed 2 OPERATORS with 2 AIRLESS PISTOLS simultaneously.

Effective particularly in the field of BI-COMPONENT RESIN injections with fixed or variable ratio, from 0 to over 200 bar.

The 2 pumps are continuously adjustable, independently of each other, to obtain any mixing ratio of the two products A and B, from 0:1 to 1:1.

Power: 2.6 kW or 5.5 kW
Flow rate with MAX nozzle: 6.5 l/m per pumping unit
MAX pressure: 220 bar
Pipe elevation MAX: 100 m
Suggested MAX viscosity: 50,000 / 65,000 mPas
Stroke volume: 73 cc
Voltage: 230V/50Hz or 400V/50Hz
Amperage: 13A-16A
Mixing ratio: continuously variable (0:1 to 1:1)
MAX flow rate: 9 l/m per pump
Hose length MAX: 100 m
Weight: approx. 100 kg
Gasket pack: mobile