W 5000 P (30:1) - W.I.T. srl

Pneumatic airless pump W 5000 P stainless steel, 30: 1, complete with cart and pressure regulator

It is a pneumatic piston pump driven by an instant volumetric reversal air motor which allows to use the equipments with a small air lubrication and has no freezing trouble and a very low pressure drop during the reversal. The pistons are hard chrome treated for a longer life. Tungsten carbide valves. The simultaneous adjustment of packings, depending on the wear, allows a longer life and a better perfomance of the unit. The piston is hard chrome treated and all the parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel. Very easy maintenance. Tungsten carbide valves. Utilizzate in modalità airless o AirMix, sono disponibili su carrello elegante con ruote o su carrello fisso (nella versione con aspirazione diretta dal fusto).

* Simple maintenance
* Universal pump
* Gasket Pack Type: Fixed


Alcohol, Anti roar, Adhesives, Detergents, Release agents, Epoxy, Greases, Vegetable greases, Water-based paints, Inks, Lubricants, Mastics, Oils, Sealants, Solvents, Spot, Sealers, Paints, Oil-based paints, Acrylic paints

Application’s fields

Craftsmen • Carpentry • Wood industry • Railways industry • Automotive industry • Construction industry • Mechanical Engineering • Shipyard

Compression ratio: 32:1
MAX pressure: 250 bar
Suggested MAX viscosity: 600 Centipoise
Stroke volume: 27 cc
MAX inlet air pressure: 8 bar
MAX flow rate: 5 l/m
MAX nozzle size: 0.027″
Weight: 19 kg
Seal pack: fixed