The TAIVER T2004 HVLP gun is designed for low overspray and high productivity! Low overspray is achieved by converting the compressor air into High Volume and Low Pressure in the atomising head. T2004 HVLP is ideal in body shops, carpentry, metal construction, and for many other painting jobs.

The gun body is made of metal. The spraying fan and material output are adjusted by positioning the atomising head. Materials that can be sprayed are: paint, primers, urethanes, impregnating agents, body polish, metallics, epoxies, oil-based products, multi-colours, etc.

This gun is supplied with a lower tank with a capacity of ltr. 1 or in pressure versions. The awl and seat are made of stainless steel.

T2004 HVLP is supplied with a nozzle size 1.4 mm for fluid materials such as paint, impregnant and lacquer (latex and oil-based paints must be diluted). Nozzle sizes 1.0, 1.8, 2.0 & 2.8 are available separately.