In the field of pneumatic airless painting equipment, IP 281 ABRASPRAY has highly innovative and revolutionary features: the product to be sprayed is not in contact with pistons or seals. This new technology (patented by Taiver) highlights the possibility of being able to spray products that by their type are highly abrasive and quickly wear out other types of airless equipment. IP 281 ABRASPRAY is especially ideal for painting inorganic zinc (also water-soluble) in metal industries, for painting products filled with glass powder or quartz in ceramic industries.

The airless system

The airless method allows a considerable reduction of overspray with three important advantages: reduced paint consumption, considerable working speed, and important reduction of environmental pollution.

Technical features

IP 281 ABRASPRAY has revolutionized the traditional airless pump system. Thanks to the abraspray system, the product is never in contact with pistons or gasket packs. Only tungsten carbide valves are in contact with the abrasive product with reasonably limited wear. The air motor is of the fast-reversing type (patented by Taiver), does not freeze and requires no lubrication. The ease of maintenance is amazing!

Applications’ field

  • Inorganic galvanization
  • Mechanical Industry
  • Ceramics industry
  • Carpentry


  • Paint
  • Inorganic zinc
  • Lactics
  • Water-based products
  • Abrasive paints