Data Logging and Injection Parameter Management System

Strong and user‐friendly, the WIT DATALOGGER is the ideal solution for real time control, record and drive of flow, pressure and volume of injection pumps. Display, set, record and control: – Pressure – Flow – Volume – Time 4” touch screen display with USB pen drive. Automatic stop ad controlled stand‐by following the pressure/flow/volume set‐up. The pump stops the flow automatically while injecting in order to respect the due pressure. Possible to drive and record a second pump with the same device.

SISTEMA DATA LOGGER (mod. Stand Alone)

  • External layout: “case”.
  • Dimensions: mm L 300 X H 200 X 150.
  • Weight: 3,6 Kg.
  • Installation: fast connectors. No tools requied.
  • Electric supply: nominal 24Vdc ( + /‐).
  • Optional: 230 Vac / 24 Vdc. + /‐10 %.

Application of an analogue pressure transducer on a hydraulic pressure gauge (separator) capable of supporting values
higher than the maximum pressure of the pump and keep the transducer separate from the material so as to avoid any problems arising from catalysis of the material.
Electrical junction box to house the necessary electrical components.

A maximum pumping pressure value can be set. When the set pressure value is reached, the pump will automatically stop. It will be possible to vary the maximum pressure value at will. This is done via a 4″ touch screen panel. The system consists of a construction case with integrated recording system with quick connector for connection to the injector. The injector is equipped with its own electrical and control panel for independent operation. The recording system displays all working parameters in real time.