Pneumatic airless pump W 12000 PLUS stainless steel, 40: 1, complete with cart and pressure regulator

W 12000 PLUS is an airless pump with an air motor.
The feature that sets it apart is its powerful suction that allow to manage very viscous products.
Designed for application of all thixotropic products in construction, waterproofing, industrial carpentry, etc.
Ideal for plasterers who want to use innovative walls plastering technology.
W 12000 PLUS is particularly suitable in those places where it is difficult to find electricity.

Construction features:

W 12000 PLUS uses an avant-garde technology: the instant volumetric reversal of pneumatic motor, that means a very low pressure drop during the reversal. The simultaneous packings seals adjustment, depending on the wear, allows a longer life and a better performance of the unit. La regolazione automatica dei pacchi guarnizione in rapporto alla loro usura permette una lunga durata dei pacchi stessi e una migliore utilizzazione delle performances dell’apparecchio.

The piston is hard chrome treated and all the parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel. Very easy maintenance. Tungsten carbide valves. Il pistone prodotto è trattato in cromo duro. Le sedi delle valvole sono in carburo di tungsteno.


  • Tungsten carbide valve seats.
  • anti-wear treatment shaft
  • Built-in line filter.
  • Air motor without lubrication.
  • Automatic adjustment of packings.

The airless system allows a greater pulverization speed and a significant reduction in overspray, consequently a reduction in paint and solvent consumption.
A decrease in overspray reduces pollution with benefits to the operator and the environment.


Alcohol, Anti roar, Adhesives, Detergents, Release agents, Epoxy, Greases, Vegetable greases, Water-based paints, Inks, Lubricants, Mastics, Oils, Sealants, Solvents, Spot, Sealers, Paints, Oil-based paints, Acrylic paints

Application’s fields

Craftsmen • Carpentry • Wood industry • Railways industry • Automotive industry • Construction industry • Mechanical Engineering • Shipyard

Compression ratio: 40:1
MAX pressure: 320 bar
Pipe elevation MAX: 100 m
Suggested MAX viscosity: 600 Centipoise
Stroke volume: 73 cc
MAX inlet air pressure: 8 bar
MAX flow rate: 15 l/m
MAX nozzle size: 0.053″
Hose length MAX: 100 m
Weight: 48 kg
Gasket pack: mobile
Cylinder diameter: 160 mm