MTV 300 is a screw pump with a singlephase electric motor and direct pulley belt transmission with reducer. Speed is adjusted electronically. In the industrial building field, MTV 300 is a pump with innovatory features which allows to spray prepared cements and whitenings, plastic coatings up to 3 mm. grain size.

MTV 300 is the ideal pump for spraying coatings on buildings, walls, etc, with very low costs and high working speed without effort.

MTV 300 has been designed to fill joints between visible stones, porphyry and general facework and consolidation injections. The speed is electronically regulated. MTV 300 is designed for stonemasonry of face stones and boulders, porphyry and cladding in general, or consolidation injections.

By equipping the machine with a compressor, it is possible to spray both traditional and premixed plasters and also finishing plasters (mist or peel effect).
Very small in size, it allows a single operator very easy movements.
MTV 300 mounts an electrical panel with an inverter, thus allowing the flow rate of material on the gun to be adjusted.
Totally detachable, it allows effective cleaning of all its components.


    1. light and easy to move
    2. hopper capacity: 40 l.
    3. hopper in galvanized steel
    4. rotor fast reverse motion
    5. built in accordance with latest EU rules
    6. flat and round spray tips
    7. speed electronic control unit
    8. product thrust reversal control

* Indicative pumping distance, depending on the quality and composition of the material, diameter and length of pipes.


  • Filling
  • Injections
  • Pre-mixed water plasters
  • Fibrated wet plasters
  • Smoothing glues
  • Plaster-like finishing
  • Finishing products
  • Acoustic products
  • Paste products
  • Fireproof products
  • Waterproofing
  • Cement and plastic coatings


  • Loading height: 750 mm
  • Width: 500 mm
  • Length: 1100 mm
  • Weight: 85 kg

new lance bear for dense material, electric contact-less switch
ref. 078600E New lance bear with electric contact-less switch has been projected to work with heavy duty materials, such as gypsum, plasters, cement and heavy duty coatings with max. granulometry 3 mm. It offers high performance and it is ideal for professional. La nuova lancia bear è l’unica al mondo a montare un interruttore magnetico CONTACT-LESS, che funziona anche quando la lancia è completamente ricoperta di sporco, per una migliore affidabilità anche nelle condizioni più gravose.

S.S. nozzles set for new lance bear
  • 078621 – S.S. nozzle ø 10 mm for new lance bear
  • 078622 – S.S. nozzle ø 8mm for new lance bear
  • 078623 – S.S. nozzle ø 6 mm for new lance bear
  • 078624 – S.S. nozzle ø 4 mm for new lance bear
  • 078625 – S.S. flat nozzle for new lance bear

hoses set for MTV 300
  • 017801 – electric wire kit for remote control
  • 060500 – compressed air hose kit ø 8 mm, length 10 m.
  • 060560 – paint hose kit ø 25 mm, length 10 m.

stator and rotor set
  • 017121 – stator
  • 017120 – rotor

Power: 1.5 kW
MAX pressure: 30 bar
MAX pipe elevation: 15 m
Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Portata MAX: 20 l/m
MAX hose length: 30 m
Weight: 85 kg