pompe airless

The suction systems in airless pumps are designed to provide a constant supply of paint or liquid to the pump, thus ensuring continuous pressure during application. These systems are important to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the airless pump. Here is some key information on suction systems in airless pumps:

1. Suction filter:

  • The airless pump is equipped with a suction filter that prevents unwanted particles from entering the pump. This filter can be removed for cleaning or replacement.

2. Suction hose:

  • The suction hose is responsible for transporting the liquid from the source (such as the paint tank) to the airless pump. The suction pipe must be correctly dimensioned to avoid pressure losses and ensure a constant flow.

3. Check Valve:

  • A check valve is often integrated into the suction system. This valve prevents the liquid from flowing backwards into the suction pipe when the pump is switched off, maintaining pressure and facilitating restarting.

4. Hand Filter:

  • In some cases, there may be a hand filter directly at the end of the suction pipe. This filter allows the system to be manually cleaned before the liquid reaches the pump.

5. Strainer:

  • Some suction systems may include a strainer or a more advanced filter to retain smaller particles and protect the pump from damage.

6. Flexible Suction Device:

  • In some applications, a flexible suction device (such as a hose) may be used to facilitate suction from paint containers or tanks of varying sizes.

7. Fittings and Connectors:

  • Fittings and connectors are used to connect the suction system to the airless pump and liquid sources. Make sure they are tightened well to prevent leakage.

8. Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • It is essential to keep all components of the vacuum system clean. It is essential to keep all components of the suction system clean. Filters must be cleaned or replaced regularly to avoid the accumulation of debris that could affect the flow of liquid.

9. Dimensioning Report:

  • It is important to size the suction system correctly with respect to the pump requirements and the viscosity of the liquid. An undersized suction system could cause feeding problems.

Keeping the suction system in good condition is essential to ensure the proper functioning of an airless pump. Regular cleaning and preventive maintenance will help prolong the life of the system and maintain high performance during paint application.

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