BLACK XL is the ideal pump for big contractors who have to do very important and high productivity works.
This renewed self-contained double diaphragm pump supplies an excellent performance using very low power (only 2,2 kW). At present BLACK XL is the most powerful airless diaphragm pump on the market.
It can spray thick and thixotropic products, 2-material components, or using two or more guns simultaneously.
Mixing ratio is continuously adjustable from 0:1 (or 1:0) to 1:1.Both head blocks are independently continuously adjustable. BLACK XL is ideal for big works in building, big carpentry, for waterproof jobs and in the naval field.
This equipment is recommended for carrying out large jobs in the construction industry, large carpentry, waterproofing and shipbuilding.

Standard set up

suction system kit, emulsions, S.S. (ref. 063152)
pressure gauge kit (ref. 066000)
high pressure hose ø 6 mm, length 10 m. (ref. 060020)
airless gun W650TOP (ref. 077400)
self cleaning tip c/w seal and guard (ref. 69AXXX)


Injection accessories

063153 – flexible resin suction system kit, stainless steel (2x)
060020 – high pressure hose kit ø 6 mm, length 10 m (2x)
066560 – 2 ways twin injector kit
066562 – 2 ways w mixer t injector kit
066555 – 3-way injector unit
066551 – static mixer 13/32 (pack 10 pieces)
066002 – connection kit with hydraulic pressure gauge
003850 – gravity tank kit 6 l. (2x )
0152500 – 25 l stainless steel tank kit, complete with lid and filter (2x)

BLACK series

The new BLACK series pumps are airless, medium and large capacity equipment, designed and improved for spraying all products used in the construction industry, mechanical engineering, carpentry, etc. falegnameria, carpenteria, etc. They are very strong and easy to handle, and maintenance is very simple.

Power: 3 hp (2.2 kW)
Flow rate with MAX nozzle: 11 l/m
MAX pressure: 220 bar
Pipe elevation MAX: 100 m
Voltage: 230V/50Hz
Mixing ratio: continuously variable from 0:1 (or 1:0) to 1:1
MAX flow rate: 22 l/m
MAX nozzle size: 0.053″
Hose length MAX: 100 m
Weight: 72 kg