HTP 21000 P is the newest and revolutionary air-driven hydraulic pump in TAIVER’s extensive range. The feature that sets it apart is its powerful suction that allow to manage very viscous products.
Designed for the application of all thixotropic products in construction, waterproofing, industrial carpentry, etc… Ideal for plasterers who intend to take advantage of new technologies for plastering or grouting walls. HTP 21000 P is particularly suitable in those places where it is difficult to find electricity.

The airless system

The airless system allows a greater pulverization speed and a significant reduction in overspray, consequently a reduction in paint and solvent consumption. A decrease in overspray reduces pollution with benefits to the operator and the environment!

Technical features

HTP 21000 P has a cutting-edge technology covered by a patent: rapid volumetric air motor reversal, which allows a very small pressure drop when reversing. The produced piston has a hard chrome treatment and all parts in contact with the product made of stainless steel. Maintenance is easy and simple. The valves are made of tungsten carbide.

Applications’ field

  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Construction industry
  • Large mechanical industry
  • Construction


  • Putty
  • Thixotropic products
  • Latex
  • Water-based products
  • Bi-components
  • Non-abrasive paints